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Broker Portal

Broker Portal

A free and powerful client relationship management (CRM)
platform for brokers on the IBKR platform.

Client Relationship
Management (CRM)

Broker Portal is an integrated suite of tools for managing the client acquisition and client relationship management lifecycle.

  • Access from any desktop or mobile device.
  • Store, view and update information about your contacts.
  • Easily manage funding transactions.
  • Manage client relationships with emails, notes, agendas, tasks, calendars and more.
  • Drill down to each client to set fees, view portfolios and run reports.
  • Delegate user access rights by function and client account.
  • Approve client accounts and options trading permissions.

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Use Broker Portal to access PortfolioAnalyst, a full feature portfolio management tool for quickly and easily consolidating financial information from any financial institution into a complete portfolio view.

  • Oversee clients' accounts and manage investor outreach and engagement.
  • Monitor performance and distill portfolio level data to drive client engagement.
  • Provide 24-hour customer access to account data, all from a single interface.
  • Create proprietary indices or use our Performance Attribution report to quickly understand risks and returns.
  • Access Portfolio Checkup, a dynamic tool for transforming portfolio data into powerful analytics, and Fund Parser, which allocates ETF or mutual fund holdings by sector, geography and asset class for a whole portfolio view of exposure.

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Client Tools

Client Data Queries

Our Client Data Queries tool is integrated with the Dashboard and lets you generate reports to segment and analyze your client base. All reports are available in HTML, PDF or .CSV format and can be searched by:

  • Symbol: Query by symbol, position or activity and generate client activity reports symbols, performance or volume for specified timeframes.
  • Transaction Count: Measure client transaction activity across trades, dividends or position transfers for specified timeframes.
  • Performance: Identify accounts with Time-weighted returns above or below a user-defined threshold for specified timeframes.
Client Data Queries
Client Onboarding and Account Management

Client Onboarding and
Account Management

Introducing Brokers use our Digital Account Management tools to manage client account applications, administer client accounts and coordinate client account funding.

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Flexible Client Billing

Use our CRM to implement flexible fee structures, automate fee administration and provide dynamic fee management.

  • Invoice clients for services rendered using automatic billing or electronic invoicing.
  • Fee structures for charging clients include minimum/maximum per trade, ticket charge per trade, absolute markup per trade, absolute amount per trade, percentage commission per trade, exchange/regulatory fees or markups on prime trades of certain currency/product units.
  • Mark down credit and short proceeds credit interest and mark up debit interest.
  • Assign client fees to individual accounts or use client fee templates to apply fees across clients.

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Flexible Client Billing